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If you do not already have artwork, you shouldn’t be worried. We can create artwork for you in a multitude of formats. However, If you would like to supply the art for your project, here are a few things to take into consideration regarding file types. 

Vector vs Raster

Many of our products can be printed regardless of the exact file type. However, certain items that utilize cut vinyl (Mostly Stickers and Decals), require a specific type of file.  

A Cut Vinyl decal requires what is known as a Vector format. A vector is essentially a line drawing of your design. These lines or “paths” are what guide the cutting machine. A vector format is not made up of pixels, so it can be scaled up infinitely and never lose quality.

Vector formats include “.eps”, “.ai” and some forms of “.PDF”.

A Printed design or decal can use either a Vector format or a Raster format. (Vector is preferred as it can be rescaled). Raster files are essentially a fixed number of unchanging pixels. When they are stretched to fit a space they weren’t design to fill, they become distorted or pixelated. Therefore, if you are going to use a Raster format it should be created at the intended dimensions of the final product, at a resolution of 300 dpi

Raster formats include “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png”, “.bmp”, “.tif” and some forms of “.PDF”. 



If you are designing the artwork that you plan on using, or are having it designed by a third party, give us a call or email before hand to make sure it’s created in a suitable format for your intended use. 281-867-0678 or

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